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With our deep roots in Fund Management from the Caribbean and the UK, Richard Baxter, as CEO, and the other Board members have successfully built our group using Warren Buffett’s techniques for over 20 years. This same fiscal prudence we now bring to The New Icon Group to help it grow into a global leader in Luxury.

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A shocking reality for small to medium sized enterprise (SME) owners, is that for those that try and sell their business, 80% never find a buyer, which rises to a deplorable 90% for Micro-SMEs.

With over 5 Million SMEs in the UK and 23 Million in the European Union, a recent survey found that 80% of baby-boomer owners said that they plan to exit their business in the next 10 years.

If only 2/10 find a buyer, and with many seeing their business as their pension, clearly this is a deeply worrying issue.

The largest business exchange platform in the world, bizbuysell.com sold only 9,919 companies in 2017 with the average company selling for 1.25 X’s net profit, and an average sales price of USD 227,880.

Given this massive expectation from SME owners to sell, yet with so little being sold, and for the lucky ones that do, receiving such a lowly sales price, what is a business owner to do in order to achieve their dreams?

Fund Management Experts

With our deep roots in Fund management from the Caribbean dating back over 20 years, we have successfully built our group by being fiscally prudent as well as using investment techniques taken from the great sage of Omaha, Mr. Warren Buffett. 

20 Years of Experience

In growing our group over the past 20 years with blood, sweat & tears, it was however, when we bought several companies in the UK, merged them and then subsequently sold the group, that we realised we could rapidly scale by undertaking mergers and acquisitions.
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