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As we will shortly be listing on the London Stock exchange, apply today to qualify for the opportunity to acquire shares in our company at pre-listing prices and we hope New Icon Group will become one of your most profitable investments.

Are you ready to make up to a 2000% return on your investment?

Are you ready to make up to a 2000% return on your investment?

Is it possible to receive over 2000% growth on an investment?

Our objective is to become a leading global conglomerate, focused on Luxury.

Investment 2021

A unique opportunity to invest

In the final quarter of this year, we plan to list New Icon Group on the London Stock Exchange as a Luxury-focused company. Today you may still have a chance to invest with us at a pre-Listing valuation.

Our focus is to acquire companies in 4 key areas in Luxury:


The Yachting industry

Aircraft - Airshow

Private Jet

Male chef garnishing his appetizer plate, ready to serve

and Beverage

Waiter from catering service carrying champagne wine drinks on the event

luxury B2B/B2C providers.


Because Companies operating in these fields have seen substantial stock price increases over the years and seeing unprecedented demand

To give a few examples

LVMH owners of Bvlgari, Dior, Moet, Tiffany, and Hennessay have seen its share price grow over 2800% since 1994.


Bvlgari | Dior | Moet | Tiffany | Hennessay
0 %
Growth since 1994

Kering Group owners of brands such as Gucci, Yves St. Laurent, Stella McCartney, Puma, and Alexander McQueen, has seen their share price grow by a whopping 3400% since 1989.

Gucci | Yves St. Laurent | Stella McCartney | Puma | Alexander McQueen,
0 %
Growth since 1989

Unfulfilled potential

A shocking statistic, however, is that sadly today ¾ of all small to medium sized companies that are for sale never find a buyer. The owners may have great plans to expand but lack Capital or they find it difficult to break into new markets due to lack of size. So, what are owners to do to fulfil their lifelong dreams and ambitions?

The Solution

The solution is to sell their company to us and stay to see it grow. We can strengthen cash flow and provide vital Capital to help it succeed Globally.

Opportunities for expansion

So, what is the opportunity for expansion? There are over 30 million small-to-medium companies in the EU alone, and a further 6 million in the UK, with many needing our help.

30 million small-to-medium companies in the EU

Led by Industry Professionals

Our Board consists of Richard Baxter, CEO, and founder who has had a long career in running Fund Management companies from the UK, Middle East, and the Caribbean. Kamran Khan is a Director and Board member and is an ex-Goldman Sachs Stockbroker from London and the Middle East and Ms. Nicole Herbert is the CFO and has enjoyed a career as Finance Director of Banks, Hedge Funds, and Asset management companies.




At New Icon we aim to be a leading luxury-focused Group

We truly believe the opportunities to scale and expand are limitless.

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