Superyacht Trends for 2021

Do you plan to purchase a superyacht? Or maybe you own one already and want to redesign it to match the current times. Irrespective of whether you’re a new investor or an existing superyacht owner, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we discuss in detail superyacht trends for 2021.

Sustainability seeps into superyacht design 

The world is increasingly talking about the environment and sustainability of automotive technology. It’s no wonder that superyacht engineers are focusing on creating eco-conscious superyachts which have a minimal carbon footprint and which don’t hurt marine life.

New technological developments have come about as a result of this desire for sustainability. For example, hybrid batteries that last hours without charging and propulsion systems that consume less fuel. There’s also eco-friendly exterior paint that doesn’t seep into the water and zero-plastic components on-board.

In addition to these, many superyachts are creating green spaces within the yacht. From nurseries to gardens to full-fledged forests, there’s a lot being done to make yachting environmentally friendly.

We tell restrictive layouts and enclosed spaces goodbye

For a long time, superyacht designs were ruled by closed spaces and designs that delineated specific rooms/spaces. But with many people preferring open space and free-flowing architecture these days, you’ll find these designs have come aboard superyachts as well.

Meeting rooms that overlook the sea and which are exposed to seafoam are an example. Other layouts include a main deck that seamlessly opens into the galley/dining room and pools in the forward lounge are just a few examples.

Décor will be a combination of the classic and the contemporary 

Superyacht décor in 2021 looks like it will celebrate both the good old days and the freshness of modern designs. Matte finishing has been ruling the roost for a few years now. But now, matte within the interiors is partially being replaced by glossy finishes. Retro artwork adorns the wall behind the most hi-tech smart devices.

Glass exteriors and asymmetrical architecture have taken superyachts to a whole new level. In fact, this is one of the most striking décor trends of 2021. While glass has traditionally been shied away from because of its weight, engineers are tweaking ship architectural design to make use of glass better. This asymmetrical architecture allows them to build superyachts that look like they’re almost completely made of glass.

Smart technology makes its way onto superyachts

Speaking of smart technology, in 2021, we’ll see more superyachts coming equipped with state-of-the-art smart technology. Right from smart televisions to Wi-Fi connectivity to Bluetooth localization to internet of things to AI-enabled services, there’s a lot you can find on board today.

These smart technologies are transforming superyachts from a place of R&R into full-fledged, hi-tech offices and homes, which allow travelers to participate in their daily routines with the least disruption.

Rise in superyacht management companies 

More high net worth and ultra-high net worth buyers and owners of superyachts are seeking professional help managing their yachts these days. But in addition to caring for superyachts when they’re not in use, these specialized superyacht management companies also offer a variety of travel planning and on-sea concierge services.

These superyacht management companies plan itineraries, hire captains (if you don’t have one), conduct comprehensive background checks of all staff and procure supplies for the journey. They also manage financial resources during the journey, ensure technological support when on-sea, take care of mid-expedition requests, ensure safe and seamless yacht functioning and more.

Since these companies work with superyacht owners so closely, they are uniquely placed to support any requirement travelers may have.



Adventure and excursion themed superyachts are replacing relaxing luxury yachts 

Long gone are the times when superyachts were used for R&R by owners and their close circle. As younger HNIs and UHNIs purchase superyachts, the demand for adventure travel has increased. Additionally, in 2021, engineering prowess has allowed superyacht assemblers to create custom superyachts that are designed for rough excursions.

Now especially, long-distance travel has increased, after the reduction of Covid19 travel restrictions. More superyacht owners are traveling on adventurous expeditions on their yachts. Instead of the regular haunts like the Caribbean, more superyacht owners want to visit places like the Arctic Circle, Scandinavia and Southeast Asia. Superyachts are being redesigned completely to support such long voyages, weather all types of environmental conditions and maneuver even the tightest spots. All this without compromising luxury, comfort, and technological connectivity during the entire journey.

Wellness makes its way onto superyachts

The final 2021 superyacht trend you need to know about pertains to wellness.

Superyachts are becoming more wellness-driven today. While pools have been a standard sight on many superyachts for the past few years, newer wellness additions are coming in. New age superyacht buyers want state-of-the-art spas, meditation rooms, yoga studios, squash courts, fully-equipped gyms, saunas, steam rooms and free exercise floors 

In addition to this, many superyacht buyers are requesting other additions such as beauty salons, nail bars, massage parlors and detox bars on board. Buyers who want to economize on space are choosing to club two or more wellness rooms together. For example, a gym that lines the edges of an infinity pool or a dance floor that doubles as a free exercise floor.